Fonema Consort joins Julio Estrada in residency at the University of Minnesota in October 2015. Read more.

Announcing Fonema Consort’s 2015 – 2016 season! Fonema Consort invites you to experience our 2015- 2016 season as we explore the boundaries between instruments and voices, music-making and drama…. See the full season schedule.

Composer Francisco Castillo Trigueros awarded an Edes Prize, to composer a new chamber opera to be premiered by Fonema Consort in 2016. Read about the fascinating concept for this work here, and/or dig into the Fonema Blog archives here for an interview with Trigueros on his chamber work Absimo azul, floreciente and inspirational factors to his style and work, and start the video below at 21:30 for a clip of Fonema performing this work.

Coming Up


entre Lakewood y Berwyn
October 9 | 7:30 pm
Northshore Baptist Church
5244 N Lakewood, Chicago

Paraphrasing entre Michigan y Jefferson, a piece that Miami-based Orlando Garcia composed for Fonema Consort last year for the occasion of the 10th edition of the festival Visiones Sonoras in Morelia, Mexico, this time the consort partners with the Chicago Composers Consortium to welcome Garcia to Chicago and perform a selection of his early and late entrancing work…. Read more.

About Us

consort : a group of instrumentalists and singers performing together
fonema : (Spanish, phoneme) the smallest unit of speech, which distinguishes words according to their sonic quality

These concepts define the essence of Fonema Consort as we live out our fascination with new vocal possibilities in music, explore the expressive overlap between voices and instruments, and close the gap between music-making and drama… Learn more.


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The Album

Fonema Consort’s debut album, called “dazzling” by the Chicago Reader, available through New Focus Records.

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