Monte Weber – Mimesis

The conceptualization of Mimesis came about through the struggle to pinpoint my own compositional aesthetic with regards to stuttering and speech therapy. Instead of portraying the struggle and inconsistency of my own speech I decided to let the process of repetition and fluidity govern how words transform. Hogs in suits with wet cigars becomes A hut damned king throws thorns which riddles by transforming single words: hogs-->hags-->august-->hot-->a hut, etc. The process involves the repetition of each word while altering one or more vowel/consonant sounds to achieve fluid transformations and to arrive at a word with a completely different connotation. In Mimesis, the conversational discourse between the two performers explores the inherent unnoticed virtuosity involved in speech.

Each word’s ability to transform so fluidly tells me something about the connection between seemingly disparate words, that is to say that if hogs and hags dwell within such close proximity within this easily traversable continuum, perhaps for a stutterer learning to attain fluidity is only a matter of working through hogs in suits with wet cigars.